Statutory note: If you haven’t seen the latest season of House Of Cards, or worse – haven’t seen any season yet, then I seriously suggest you crawl out from under that rock you have been hiding. What is life without the cold hard ambition of Frank Underwood?


For those who know the hugely popular political drama, it follows the life of a fictional character named Frank Underwood and his journey to becoming the President Of The United States Of America. He is unique in his personality as he combines the best of wit, grit, greed and unbridled ambition. He never backs down from a fight, is no stranger to the dark world of politics, is street smart yet poised.
Frank Underwood is the man who is literally the outline of every entrepreneur.
Here are 5 business lessons that every startup entrepreneur needs to take heed of.


1) Find a good running mate for your business to grow. Hire right.


There is no “i” in team and it is absolutely correct. In the series, Frank’s presidential re-election campaign is going nowhere till he finds a good partner in his wife and a capable campaign manager in Neve Campbell. With the right team, his campaign gains traction and well – I am not going to give away the spoilers!
As an entrepreneur, hiring the right talent is key to the company’s growth. It is ok to not be an all-around startup man, hiring a co-founder who makes up the other side of the coin is completely acceptable and should be encouraged. Surround yourself with the right kind of people and watch your company soar.

2) Always communicate. Do not clog the pipeline.

I put the con in c


While most of the inner workings of the White House is a very skillful game of power between the Underwood’s and his not-so-merry men, the Press Secretary Seth Grayson never clogs up the communication pipeline. He is always there for the media world to see and that is content marketing at its best. He is the kind of man every company needs, who uses communication as the primary tool in the company’s growth arsenal.
With communication, it is important to get your employees onboard faster too. Process lines need to be opened sooner and with a tool like “Whatfix” can be of great help. Whatfix would be able to onboard & train employees better and ease the documentation effort.


3) ” If you don’t like the way the table is set, turn over the table”


The Underwood family is of the opinion – never bow down to any else’s wishes or fancies. While this is a drama show, in life – this lesson applies too.
Every entrepreneur is full of bright ideas and wants to change the world for the better. This is before you step into the real fabric of the industry and then you start to unravel its various threads. So if you don’t like the way the market functions, change or find a new market altogether. Never back down. Don’t accept no for an answer.
Visionaries don’t follow others, they make their own roads.


4) Know when to pivot your business.


When Claire and Frank Underwood make their mistakes climbing over the wall and fail to win the hearts of people, instead of losing all hope – they pivot their entire stance of the presidency and buy more election time.
Maybe your business idea is good, but it’s not for the right market and its application is better served elsewhere. You, the entrepreneur, must always know the breaking point of the startup and pivot before it reaches that stage. It’s the survival of the one who adapts the most.


5) The thing about common sense is that, it’s so COMMON. 




Frank Underwood prides himself on knowing more information that absolutely anybody else and is always on the top of his game. And that’s what an entrepreneur needs to be too. In depth knowledge of the entire industry from a 360 degree viewpoint is of course needed, but you will be uncommon only if you’re learning has no barrier at all. Always have the will to learn, and continuously educate yourself on all facets of the world. Whether it be business or survival knowledge is power and in the end power is the only thing that matters.
Now pick up your matters, and march on the journey of entrepreneurship. May the force of Frank Underwood always be with you!

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