Converting an idea into a business is a monumental task, and if you are going at it alone, well – then your bucket just got even bigger. Take a freelancer for example – each is an entrepreneur in his own right, bosses of their jobs and have their hands in the baskets of multiple companies. All creative and technical departments are combined into one person, who must be active, smart and give their 100% at all times.
Now whether you are a freelancer or a singular entrepreneur, in the modern technologically advanced age of today, tools will help your work life in order and push that productivity to the max. After all, increased productivity means more business, which means more money, right? So if you fit into this category, then bookmark this article, it’s a blueprint to your management success.

1.Workforce Analytics with RescueTime

Productivity management is not a myth and distractions are real. Workforce analytics help in the determination of patterns in your work, time spent on tasks and finding the right work life balance. RescueTime is a personal productivity monitoring software that tracks all your activity through the day. Reports are then generated which can accurately pinpoint your max creative hours in a day, the time spent of emailing and social media so that you can keep your distractions under control. For increased focus, it will also block certain websites that are taking away from your creative strength!

RescueTime has a free and premium version. Check it out here. 

2. Store it on the cloud with Dropbox

With the advent of the cloud, accessing our files from anywhere 24/7 is possible. And this is major tool in a modern entrepreneur’s pocket. With Dropbox , syncing of all your essentials is extremely easy and you can be rest assured, that you will never miss a file. It operates on an easy drag -and-drop system, offers multi platform/device support and has a portable app version too. Personal records, project files and reports all can be stored safely in the cloud and shared as you please making collaboration a piece of cake.

3. Manage your money with Zoho Books

When it comes to managing the financials of your self made enterprise, it is important to keep it clean, organized and categorized. While excel sheets may be enough for your personal expenses, accounting software is absolutely crucial in your entrepreneurial journey. Zoho Books is a software for small businesses that can be used online so that you can be on top of your cash flow. Online automated banking, generation of invoices, reports and tracking of inventory are some of its many features. Zoho helps in billing and lets you accept payments online from your clients.

You can check out complete Zoho guide here.

4. Project Management with Freedcamp

Gone are the days of sticky notes and notepads to remember your tasks, to-do lists can now be made with project management softwares! If you have multiple clients and projects going on simultaneously, then you will have to make sure your progress is steady and meets the required deadline.  Freedcamp is one such management tool that helps in tracking task lists, customer feedback courtesy its CRM functionality, a souped up calendar which keeps a record of all your work and even an issue tracker.

Freedcamp has both personal and work versions. Check them out here.

5. Unleash creativity with Canva

In today’s competitive world, if you are doing the content marketing of your enterprise yourself, then you are going to need beautiful, eye-catching creatives/illustrations by your side. Canva is fantastic online tool that houses all that you need for marketing on social and digital media, categorized by platform and social network . Free and paid templates, varied text designs, grids, illustrations and much more, will make sure your marketing collateral ticks off all the right notes and will be a hit with your customer base.

Check out our complete guide to Canva here.
Just because you are a one person business, doesn’t mean that you can’t do more than a team! These tools will make sure you are at the top of your game!
Like our guide? Or would you like to add any tools to it? Comment with suggestions and we’ll make sure to feature them on Whatfix.

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