Lists- the bane and boon of our everyday lives. It helps keep every aspect of our tasks in check, whether they be personal or professional. What’s your daily routine? Do you write a to-do list, use your smartphone’s reminder app, or do a bit of both? While these solutions work perfectly fine for domestic tasks such as grocery lists, in your professional life to be sorted in every way, technology presents itself with many a great apps.
Task management is an important branch in the workplace productivity tree and should be dealt with swiftly. Today we take a look at 5 apps that will help you manage your day effectively, help you prioritize, delegate and get more work done. Take your pick and watch that productivity soar.


A simple, yet super effective app that makes it worth your while courtesy its intuitive user interface. A cross-platform app that can be synced over multiple devices, Any.Do has everything you need for effective functioning. Create personal task lists, specific project lists and even a team project. You can share lists, tasks, attachments, add sub tasks and even have conversations with your team with this app. Armed with a daily planner, a recurring task feature and even the capability to upload your own files on the app , make this a handy app for your work use. is available for Android, iOS and the web.

2. Wunderlist

Named “App Of The Year” for 2013 in the “Apps for Mac” category, Wunderlist will literally never make you miss a deadline- ever. An effective to-do tool that has specific Business and Pro versions too. Its main features include multi-device access, easy views for shared and individual projects, sharing with friends, family and co-workers, addition of literally anything from the web onto your task list and even #hastags to give more context to your content.
Wunderlist also supports all platforms under the sun, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding your version at all. Check all of them out here.

3. Clear 

The motto of this app- don’t be disorganized, let Clear help you. This app may look and feel very simple, but it’s this very clean way of functioning, which makes it to our top 5 list. Clear color codes your task according to its importance and priority -red being the top of the list. You can also add multiple lists with separate reminders and notes for each one of them. The gesture based design is intuitive and truly helps your organize your tasks well. At the end, you could also sync your to-dos via iCloud and be productive everywhere.
Clear is strictly an Apple ecosystem app with support for iPhone, iPad, Watch and the Mac.


A strong contender in the productivity space today, ToDoist is THE app you need to increase team performance. With a strong focus on shared tasks, notifications and even a productivity graph called ToDoist Karma which lets you visualize your achievement trends over time. It also comes loaded with all the regular color coded tasks, multi platform support, real-time data synchronization and even the addition of labels/filters.
ToDoist supports almost all operating systems (mobile or desktop), check out the entire list here. 

5. Google Keep

How could we keep Google out of this mix? Combining the power of its voice/speech tech with a super colorful “sticky notes” type interface, Google Keep is an app that will make you glad you have tasks in the day! Save literally any thought in your brain with easy notes, images and even see tasks getting done real time eliminating the need for each notification via other modes of communications such as a text message. And what’s more, you can also set location-based reminders!
Try Google Keep now for Android, iOS, Chrome and even web app version.

We hope these apps help you kick-start your productivity into top gear!
Have suggestions? Hit us up in the comments and we’ll add them to this list!

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