Every year, Dreamforce leaves us feeling quite nostalgic and impatiently waiting for the next one. Be it the four days of networking, the dozen exciting activities, the numerous Dreamforce sessions or the legendary Dreamforce keynotes. Filled with inspiration, new ideas, and motivation, the Dreamforce keynotes are delivered by luminaries at the event. It is almost always tied up to the theme that Dreamforce chooses for any given year.
This year’s Dreamforce keynotes look even more promising with over 50 visionaries lined up to speak at the event!
In the past, the Dreamforce keynote speakers list has included people like Jeff Dailey, CEO of Farmers Insurance, Ashton Kutcher, Natalie Portman, Melinda Gates, and Marc Benioff himself!
Speakers are finally letting their secrets out and revealing their roles in this year’s Dreamforce keynotes. Here’s a sneak peek into the Dreamforce keynotes we know of. We promise to keep updating you as soon as we know more.
Stay tuned!

Dreamforce Keynotes 2019: A complete guide for Trailblazers

1. AppExchange Partner Keynote: Succeed in the Fastest Growing Cloud Marketplace

This is the perfect opportunity for you to find out how entrepreneurs, developers, and partners use AppExchange and accelerate business growth. You also get to learn about all new partner program announcements.
Jonathan Holman, Head of Digital Transformation, Santander UK PLC
Trisha Price, EVP Product Development and Engineering, nCino

2. Commerce Keynote: Drive Transformational Growth with an AI Platform

With technological trends such as AI, VR, and connectivity setting new bars for customer expectations find out how multi-billion dollar companies are catching up by reinventing commerce.

Rob Birse, Head of Global B2B E-commerce, Kellogg Company
Sushant Sahini, Global Head of Channels, Travelex
Gareth Williams, Chief Product & Innovation Officer, Travelex

Find out how communication and media giants are making strides by bringing together AI, innovation, digital engagement, and so much more in the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform.

John Carney, Salesforce

Minjae Ormes, Chief Marketing Officer, Visible
Jesse Redniss, EVP, Data Strategy, Warner Media
Kelcy Joynt, Manager, Media Industry Product Marketing, Salesforce
Priya Rajagopalan, Vice President, Nickelodeon
Jeremy Schloss, Operations Director, Viacom

4. Consumer Goods Keynote: Unlock Agility And Relevance In Your Value Chain

For professionals in the B2B, B2C, and B2B2C industries, this is one of the Dreamforce keynotes that offers great value and learning. Players from several industries will share all about how the Salesforce Customer 360 is helping them unlock business value and how Consumer Goods Cloud and Salesforce product development is going to help you deliver the perfect experience for your customers.

S. Kishan Chetan, VP of Product Management, Salesforce
Michael Lindsey, SVP Transformation & Strategy, FLNA
Sunil Rao, Global GTM Lead, Salesforce
Hilary Englert, PMM, Salesforce
Angelica Munson, Chief Digital Officer, Shiseido
Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh, EVP, Industry Go To Market, Salesforce

5. CPQ & Billing Keynote: Power Your Quote-to-Cash with the Customer 360 Platform

How do you provide the best experience for your customers when you are constantly adding new products, services, routes, and revenue models? This Dreamforce keynote focuses on how you can create Quote-to-cash to build customer relationships that go the extra mile. You also get to see demos of the latest innovations and learn from real-life examples of how companies broke their silos to unify sales and finance.

Chris Cate, COO & CIO, Valpak Direct Marketing
Greg Gsell, Sales Cloud Product Marketing, Salesforce
Chris Viveash, Product Manager CPQ/CLM, Google
Kylie Fuentes, Salesforce
Elizabeth Guerra, Google
Pascal Yammine, Senior Vice President & General Manager Salesforce CPQ + Billing, Salesforce

6. Customer Success Keynote: Your Path to Succeeding With Salesforce

Discover how to build a successful journey for your business with Salesforce. Learn how companies like trailblazers like Nokia,
e.l.f. cosmetics and Salesforce MVPs have been taking companies forward. Stay tuned for this Dreamforce keynote! The
Ekta Chopra, VP of Digital at e.l.f. cosmetics
Ursula Soritsch-Renier, CIO, Nokia
David Giller, Founder and CEO, Brainiate – Salesforce Training and Consulting.

7. Salesforce Admin Keynote: Transform Your Company, Career, Community

If you’re a Salesforce Admin, then this is a MUST NOT miss Dreamforce keynote for you where you get to learn how to leverage Salesforce to its maximum potential and learn practical tips to blaze your trail!
Parker Harris, CTO, and Co-founder of Salesforce
Josie Chiles, VP of Admin Relations, Salesforce, Mike Gerholdt, Senior Director, Admin Evangelism, Salesforce
Karene-Sean Hines, Executive Director, Pi-TaP.com
Zarina Varley Scott, Technology and Project Manager, Imperial Capital | True North Dreamin
Mike Gerholdt, Senior Director, Admin Evangelism, Salesforce
Steve Harris, Salesforce Systems Manager, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses
LeeAnne Rimel, Principal Admin Evangelist, Salesforce

8. Developer Keynote: Continuous Innovation with the Customer 360 Platform

This particular Dreamforce keynote is a great opportunity for people to see live demos of the latest technology and get a glimpse into the future of Salesforce Development.

Andrew Fawcett, VP, Product Management, Salesforce
Qingqing Liu, Principal Mobile Architect, Salesforce
Sarah Franklin, EVP & GM Platform, Trailhead and Developers, Trailhead of Salesforce
Wade Wegner, SVP, Platform Product, Salesforce

9. Digital Experience Keynote: How to Use Beauty, Brains, and Brand for ROI

In today’s world where experience matters more than anything, even your offerings, you need to make firm steps in driving unforgettable digital experiences. In this Dreamforce keynote, learn why return on experience or ROX is the new ROI from companies such as Fenty and Volvo.

10. Einstein Analytics Keynote: The Intelligence Imperative

The foundation of any digital transformation lies in intelligently measuring the outcomes and optimizing them to build a better organization that drives better growth and business value. Learn how the combination of powerful analytics and perceptive AI delivers intelligent insights and enhances every aspect of business experience.

Katherine Augustus, Director, Product Management Analytics, Salesforce
Audrey Hazak, Sr. Vice President – Digital Sales & Support, Schneider Electric
Peter Lyons, Senior Associate, Huron, Salesforce MVP
Christine Robertson, Partner, PwC
Ally Witherspoon, Director, Product Marketing, Salesforce
Lauren Hanson, Product Marketing Associate Manager, Salesforce
Ketan Karkhanis, SVP & GM Analytics Cloud, Salesforce.com
Karan Parekh, Director, Global Sales Strategy, Indeed.com
 Jennifer Shier, Senior Marketing Business Planning Analyst, Palo Alto Networks

11. Field Service Keynote: Redefining the Future of Field Service

Discover what lies in store for Field Service and how you can deliver the latest innovations with the help of the Field Service Lightning App.

Amir Belferman, CIO, Stratasys

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And until we have more, here are some of the best Dreamforce keynotes that we’ve enjoyed in the past.

Legendary Dreamforce Keynotes Over The Years

12. Tech Innovation As A Force For Good

Ashton Kutcher, popular actor and co-founder of Thorn, an organization that uses technology to address the sexual exploitation of children gave quite a passionate discussion about how technological innovations play a crucial role in stopping the worldwide issue of child exploitation and trafficking at Dreamforce 2017. He focused on leveraging technology to bring about positive social changes across the world. That’s one among the Dreamforce keynotes we are bound to remember!
Dreamforce Keynotes

Source: Salesforce.com

13. The Path To Equal Pay

Another one of those memorable Dreamforce keynotes from 2017, this one was by popular actress Natalie Portman. She talked in depth about gender equality in workplaces. She even went on to share personal experiences from the movie industry, the pay disparity, and how she envisions a future with equal pay and equal opportunities.
Dreamforce Keynotes

Source: Salesforce.com

14. Education, Tech, and A Little Bit of Politics

Delivered by Hilary Clinton, the former U.S. Secretary of State, this particular keynote was one of the highlights of Dreamforce 2017. She spoke intently about what she called, ‘the word gap’, which she believes divides children from low-income families from others who are more socioeconomically equipped. She emphasized on the fact that when children are spoken to and read to frequently, it reduces the word gap, helping them achieve more in life. One of the most inspirational Dreamforce keynotes of 2017!
Dreamforce Keynotes

15. Reshaping the World!

A glimpse into how startups today are disrupting industry goliaths and reaching milestones much faster than businesses 20 years ago. Nirav Tolia of Nextdoor, Sallie Krawcheck of Ellevest, Jeff Lawson of Twilio, and Tan Le of Emotiv, four CEOs of disruptive startups who are connecting with customers in a whole new way and changing the world in innovative ways. A must-hear for all those aspiring entrepreneurs out there.
Dreamforce Keynotes

Source: Salesforce.com

16. What’s Going on With the World?

Rapper Will.i.am created quite the ripple at Dreamforce 2016. He kickstarted the Dreamforce keynote with a video that focussed on raising money for education. He spoke about diversity and talked about the importance of having techies step up and fill the gap in education and contributing to STEM funding. The rapper managed to stir up people’s thoughts and opened their eyes to the blatant gap that existed in public education. He managed to deliver one of the most touching Dreamforce keynotes.
These are the 5 Dreamforce keynotes that we’ve enjoyed in the past years. If you recall a Dreamforce keynote that struck a chord, do share it with us in the comments!
Dreamforce keynotes

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