Recently we wrote a post on the 5 Essential Web Tools For the Singular Entrepreneur with time management, personal productivity, file management and even some project management tools. We got some special love for one tool – Freedcamp,  a web-based project management application. So here’s a startup guide to get your work up and running!
Before we get any further down this guide, we recommend that you install the Whatfix extension for Chrome and Firefox! That way, you can see the flows live and have a guiding hand throughout this journey! All done? Ok! Let’s get started!
An introduction to Freedcamp first though-   it’s a freemium product and is ideal for a freelancer or even a small business. It’s got all the essentials to streamline your work processes such as calendar, to-do list(s), assigning project deadlines, interaction with multiple teams etc. Project management software such as these are  ideal for collaboration. They completely cut out the email time courtesy it’s in-app communication tools. Currently, the free accounts are limited to 200 MB storage and a 10 MB file size limit.
What’s great is that –  Freedcamp provides all paid features free to non-profits, teachers, and students! Now let’s get onto some serious stuff and get you prepped to be the master of your business!

1. How to register on Freedcamp

Registration is essential for a product. As Freedcamp is a web-based tool, your operating dashboard will only show up once you register with your credentials. Basic registration and social connect are both available.

2.  How to access Calendar and make to-do lists

A calendar is paramount to an organization’s structure. Deadlines, invoice dates, assignments are all handled through an intuitive calendar which is super easy to use.
Just get started on your project, click on the calendar and events by date and time. Multiple events and even to-do lists can be made. These can then be assigned to members/employees, along with an end date. You can find these under “Task List”

3. How to upload files to Freedcamp

An organization or even a solopreneur needs to keep a good balance between the local system and the cloud. You can upload and share files with multiple people within Freedcamp. You can also directly upload files within groups.

4. How to add tasks to Freedcamp

Task management will and should be one of the top priorities in your enterprise. Like a well oiled machine, all parts need to do their job well and that’s why work needs to be assigned to them. You can do this easily by assigning tasks , their deadlines and assign it to a group or a person instantly. The software also reminds you closer to the due date!

5. How to create chats and groups on Freedcamp

Communication is key when collaborating with external or internal forces. Ditch the traditional email and focus all your energy on creating groups and chatting instantly with them. Just click on “Discussions” in your project and let this flow guide the way.

6. How to generate invoices in Freedcamp

This is one of the best features that this project management software offers. If you are handling multiple clients at the same time, there is absolutely no need to go the paper route at all. Just input all your details including price, PO number, Tax, detailed description of work entailed and generate easy invoices every time! No more hassles at all!

So there you have it! We hope these flows help you on the road to project management success and gets your organization running smooth like butter!
If you would like us to publish a guide to any more tools of your liking, let us know in the comments and we’ll whip one up for you!