Here is the 6th chapter of our ongoing series – Meet The Whatfix Team. At Whatfix, we love to work with talented people, who contribute not only to growing our business but also strive for a healthy work culture. So in today’s chapter, meet Chirabrata Das, our Customer Success Manager.
Chirabrata is the Customer Success Manager at Whatfix. He scopes out the requirements of our customers, manages the relationship and regularly conducts proactive checks to make sure that they are always satisfied with our service. Apart from being entirely focussed on his busy job, he is still enjoying his transition from a corporate, to our startup.

Tell us a little more about yourself.

I completed my engineering in Instrumentation from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, M.P. Post that, I worked as a software developer for close to 3 years in L&T Infotech, Mumbai. Then I went on to get a full-time PGDM from IMI, Delhi and gradually transitioned to the business side of technology.
The transition involved working in the Financial Services sector with Oxigen services India Pvt. Ltd., Delhi and with the innovation team of ICICI bank, Mumbai. My professional career has so far taken me across the length and breadth of India, having spent a decent time in all Indian metro cities in the past 8 years.

What do you do at Whatfix?

I am the Customer Success Manager at Whatfix. My job is to make sure that our customers have a positive experience, right from the beginning of the sales process and all the way through implementation.

What do you love about working at Whatfix?

Whatfix is a great place to work at. Here, each and everyone directly contributes to the growth and development voluntarily.
Besides that, I love the friendly and casual work environment at Whatfix. All of us take our responsibilities seriously and there is no organizational hierarchy to keep tabs on what we do to achieve our goal. This freedom allows me to experiment, try out different ideas and get my job done in the best possible manner.
Learning and developing new skills are the other perks that come along. Even though I am in charge of Customer relations, I get to learn things in the technical side, understand the sales process better and even lend a hand in Whatfix Community. And if I make mistakes, being honest about it and asking questions to understand them better is appreciated and respected.  

What is the best memory or an unforgettable moment you have had so far at Whatfix?

I will never forget my first day at Whatfix. Switching from corporate banking, it became habitual for me to wear formals. And so, on my first day, I came all dressed up, top to bottom in formals. As soon as I got to know the guys here, they asked me, “Why are you in formals?” Honestly, I never expected a question as such and was rendered speechless. But nowadays, I have completely adapted to our work culture and am totally comfortable in casual and semi-formal attires.

You have created a lot of flows on Whatfix. Tell us more about them?

Flows are Whatfix’s interactive guides. Find more about them, here.
Most of my flows on Whatfix Community, are focussed on Indian Government websites. My personal favourite is the one on ‘How to e-file IT returns’.
Whatfix Community is a great platform to help out people. And I believe that the flows that I have created on it, are solving pain points for many.  
Another thing that I have tried and loved is the integration of Whatfix Community flows. By creating and integrating the flows to the web applications, users and other companies can improve the engagement of their visitors and guide them through an ideal funnel experience. In fact, I helped out a friend to integrate Whatfix in his website Playnlive, and I can gladly say that it worked out really well for him.
Learn more about integrating flows to your web application.

What is your typical weekend like?

Weekends are usually more relaxed. I make sure that I spend some quality time with my family and finish of all my chores for the week. When I am done with all of the chores, I unwind with a comedy movie or a few episodes of sitcoms, exercise my culinary skills with some homemade food and then a get a good long sleep.
Apart from that, I love sports. I have been looking around for places in Bangalore to play cricket, volleyball or football since the time I came here, but so far I have had dismal luck. I am hoping for some better company to come along so that I can kickstart my sports routine again.  

Describe Whatfix in one word.

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