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  • Usage of static training resources slowed training, reduced efficiency,caused several errors and limited adoption
  • Unavailability of learning resources for users at the time when new features were being rolled out
  • Developer time spent creating learning systems rather than new application features


  • Implemented in-app, in-the-moment digital adoption solution
  • Timely software changes and features updates helped users become proficient faster
  • The DAP solution was adopted by the company’s finance application suite, benefitting 20,000 end users


  • Reduced support tickets pertaining to low-grade queries enabled resources to focus on complex support queries
  • Lower error rates helped user’s productivity, lowered training costs, and saved time
  • Just-in-time training enables users to find specific information through knowledge bases at the moment of need.
Applications implemented with Whatfix
End users

Problem Statement

Technology for tomorrow’s enterprise

This innovative technology company develops software and hardware solutions for customers in the U.S. and Canada.

As part of a forward-thinking, transformative strategy, the organization is moving its on-premise enterprise application suite to the cloud. Its Customer Care, Accounting, Engineering and other solutions are switching to a SaaS model for improved flexibility, scalability, and ease of use.

The challenge for the organization was to move people to this new applications suite while maintaining efficiency across a high volume of transactions.

Without the appropriate training, the organization ran the risk of increased errors, limited adoption, and delayed transaction processing. Previously, for example, more than 800 enterprise customers relied on fragmented, static training resources, such as PDF guides and videos. Training for technical and non-technical end users was slow. And significant resources were needed to keep pace with the roll-out of new application features.

“The adoption of new features was slower than what we wanted,” says a company spokesperson.“We looked to improve adoption by ensuring we had learning resources at the time of features being rolled out. Something we couldn’t always do in the past with our traditional resources of video and PDF guides.”

As the team began working on solutions, the focus for the development staff was on business applications rather than learning systems. “Developers’ time is best spent on creating exciting new application features – not on creating learning systems and features. Learning also takes a back seat in terms of development priorities,” says the spokesperson.

Following a rigorous, detailed review of the leading DAP providers, the company’s Learning Center Team (LCT) chose Whatfix. “Whatfix was the runaway choice among our entire team. In our opinion, it was the most intuitive and feature-rich DAP available. We also appreciated the collaborative approach of the Whatfix team. They share a similar business model to our organization: one of continuous innovation, continuous customer focus, continuous improvement.”


In-app, in-the-moment training

The organization is implementing Whatfix across all 20 of its applications: 11 are now live across their customer base. The DAP provides in-app, in-the- moment training, enabling end user customers to become comprehensively proficient on the cloud software more quickly.

The organization initially trialled Whatfix internally among 1,000 employees on the internal-use version of its new cloud-based human resources (HR) platform. Following positive feedback from users, the company’s finance application suite then went live on Whatfix, supporting more than 20,000 end users.

Whatfix surprises the LCT at almost every turn. “I have ‘wow’ moments each time we do something new – even with simple processes. In the past, for example, we didn’t have a ‘back’ button on our flows. With Whatfix, we introduced that feature really quickly. Small things like that make the entire learning experience more engaging, intuitive, and rewarding.”

“The Whatfix features are very impressive. Step-by-step instructions and contextual information, for example, are a great way to inform users about software changes and new functionality. Beacons also point our users to changes and actions they need to take to become proficient,” the spokesperson comments.


Enhanced adoption at lower cost

By introducing this modern DAP, the organization is building for the future – driving faster user adoption of its ever-evolving software.

This in turn accelerates innovation, improves adoption and delivers a faster return on investment. The benefits include:

  • Increases business agility : Learning content is available at the moment of need – people no longer waste time searching knowledge bases for help.
  • Enhances adoption : Improved process completion and engagement enable people to become more proficient in new application features more quickly. For example, users can watch a video demo of how new functionality works.
  • Reduces support tickets and costs : Contextual help within the applications reduces low-grade enquiries in the support center, liberating resources to focus on complex application support queries. According to the spokesperson, “Our Customer Support team is ‘over the moon’ about Whatfix..”
  • Minimizes training costs : Faster content creation and ‘in the work’ content delivery results in increased user productivity, improved efficiency, and time savings.
  • Low error rates : Users have a more accurate and complete understanding of applications use, reducing errors and ultimately supporting higher customer satisfaction.
  • Improves user experience : Users are more satisfied with the timely, accurate, and intuitive learning capability.

The spokesperson concludes, “There’s a very good reason why this Whatfix case study we are participating in is anonymous. Whatfix is a real differentiator in our market for our organization, transforming our learning in the moment of need.”

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